Serving Essential Businesses

As we all continue to navigate the changing landscape caused by COVID-19​, S&S Productions wants you to know we are here to support you.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Communication

Whether you are a small company or a large one, staying connected with your clients and employees is crucial in a time like this. We can help you get the right equipment and services to stay connected.

Churches & House of Worship

Sharing your message and keeping your congregation connected has become a bit of a challenge due to COVID-19. Using video and Live Streaming, you are able to not only reach your congregation, but the world with your message. You can still hold essential meetings with leadership and members. Even though we maybe physically apart, with video communication we can remain connected.

If you have been waiting for a time to upgrade any equipment, now would be the time. With gatherings limited, most churches have stopped hosting services at their location. This provides an opportunity to get some much needed renovations done.